qRExtracts are delivered in powder form, in 100 mg amber borosilicate vials, with an Analytical Results Card listing all the quantified molecules.
Recommended storage temperature: -15°C to -18°C.

qRExtracts are delivered with documentation (pdf) containing all the necessary information for the analysis of your product:


Certificate of Analysis:

  • Botanical name of the plant, place of collection and its botanical identification result
  • HPLC chromatogram profile marking all the quantified molecules
  • A list of quantified molecules with their concentration in the dry extract and the relative standard error


Technical Documentation:

  • Botanical identification
  • Dry extract obtention method
  • Organoleptic characters of dry extract
  • Recommended methods for use
  • HPTLC method(s) and chromatogram(s)
  • HPLC method(s)
  • List of quantified molecules with their 2D chemical structure and CAS number


Safety Data Sheet:

with all the relevant safety information


Analytical Results Card (physical):

  • List of the qRE’s quantified molecules and their concentration (valid until retesting)
  • Scheduled retest date
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