Is it possible to have qRExtracts made from new species on request?
Yes. Please contact us and we can discuss the details.
What is the temperature storage of qRExtracts?
qRE vials must be stored at -15 °C to -18°C.

What is the expiry date of qRExtracts?
qRExtracts are subjected to re-tests every 12 months for a 3 year duration.

How does one know when retests are available?
Retesting is scheduled one year after the manufacture date indicated on the Certificate of Analysis. The retesting date is specified on qRE vials, on the Certificate of Analysis, and also on the Analytical Results Card enclosed in each qRE box. After this one year period, new Certificates of Analysis with retest results are available on request by email or telephone.
Does the qRExtract of a given species have the same molecular composition no matter the specimen(s) used for manufacturing the extract?
The same qualitative composition, yes. Our standards are extracted from specimens belonging to a plant species and their belonging to that plant species has been authenticated. However the molecular proportion can vary from one specimen to another depending on geographical origins, cultivation conditions, harvesting time etc.
When can one tell that a plant extract is adulterated?
A plant extract is adulterated when the plant or plant product contains one or several molecules that don’t belong to its species.